Monday, May 14, 2012

Soul Searching 4 Weeks later...

I don't know where to begin. I believe I haven't scratch the surface on life's baffling moments. Sometimes, I hold things in for to long and I can't express it in language or emotions. However, holding it in can be unhealthy. I find that I can really become wacky and do some really stupid stuff.

However, reaching out to people and telling them what is going on can be healthy, helpful and a sense of relief. I'm learning more about myself as I journey through life on Earth.

For the moment, I feel better about expressing myself and my deep emotion of anger. I was thinking of doing things such as cursing, hitting pillows, running, dancing,  and watching fights. But, sometimes I just have to sit with my emotional insecurities and just be.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Soul Searching Day 0

I awake this morning to the warm wonderful sun that lights up this side of the world. I have no plan of what to do today. Then I realize I want coffee, cereal, and some prayer. Welcome to my April 16, 2012 Monday, morning. Waking up to the warm glow of sun felt so soothing and I didn't want to get up from bed. However, being a living being, nature calls and I must use the bathroom. I see my love is working already and I hear her on her phone talking. The voice emitting from my love's phone sounds far away. The way a voice sounds when your 15 feet away on those smartphones. I guess I can't really find the right description at this moment.

 I awoke and headed to the bathroom to do morning bathroom things, brushing teeth, washing face, and stretching. I went back to the bed, but then I heard loud noises like jack hammers, beeps, and car sounds. I was told it was National Grid making the noise. I peek behind the blinds and look out the window and saw the white and blue vehicle. Yes, it was them. Since I didn't want to hear the sounds, I decided to take a shower, make 10 cups of coffee and have cereal with my love.

 Ok, I have to leave it at here. I wanted to tell you why I wanted to write this post and why I beginning to soul search...again. But I have obligations to go to class now and finish something. I'm currently planning on going through this process and see the outcome. I'm sorry it's not clear and you might be wondering what I'm going to class for. Keep coming back and you will find out.